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Koor Communications v. Lebanon, NH

148 NH 618 (2002), 813 A.2d 418,

  • Brief to Supreme Court of NH - PDF or DOC
  • Reply Brief to Supreme Court of NH - PDF or DOC
  • Brief Amicus Curiae by SBE - PDF or DOC
  • Decision - PDF or DOC or HTML

Disclosure:  K1VR argued this case before the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Burlington Broadcasters, Inc., d/b/a WIZN (VT Env. Board, 2002)

For an interim decision:

  • BBI Cover Letter for SFOF - PDF or DOC
  • BBI Table of Contents - PDF or DOC
  • BBI Supplemental Findings of Fact - PDF or DOC
  • Decision - PDF
  • Permit - PDF

Disclosure:  K1VR was a member of the trial team at the hearing before the Vermont Environmental Board.

S-R Broadcasting, Inc., KRKO (ESPN Radio, Snohomish, WA)

  • Decision A of the Deputy Hearing Examiner (2002) - DOC
  • Decision B of the Deputy Hearing Examiner (2002) - DOC
  • FCC Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) DA 08-1272A1 (2008) - DOC
  • Decision of the Snohomish County Hearing Examiner (2008) - DOC  

Disclosure:  K1VR was a member of the legal team for KRKO.

Canton Twp. v. Benner (District Court, MI, 1985)

An interesting and well-written satellite TV receiving antenna case in favor of erecting an antenna.  Discusses arbitrary and capricious ordinances, the zoning power, and the First Amendment, including a lot of references to SCOTUS cases. 



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